30 July 2010

Building Demolition 101.

just messing around with building destruction, you never know when you might need to destroy one or two or eighteen.


ira said...

hi james, i'm not a filmmaker, so i don't really understand how you made this vid
if you have a few moments, would you briefly explain the basics, just curious
thanks IRA (i first watched the vid on vimeo btw)

James Ramirez said...


to generate a random building, and then using rayfire http://www.mirvadim.com/, the first one is free the second one is pretty much the cheapest most amazing plugin you could buy. you'll definitely get your mileage out of it, and mir is always on his forums answering questions.

create the building in 3dsmax, rayfire does the rest, makes it look fancy, rendered with an ambient occlusion.