23 May 2007

back in the united states of *yawn*.....

well well here i am back in the usa after a week in brazil. I shall post pictures pretty soon when i get my luggage that was lost which has my cameras data cable in it. The main event was Resfest which the History of America was shown, and was very well received! We are so proud to show it and get feedback, it was an amazing event with SO much great work, both film and animation. Then we ended the trip on a farm out in the middle of no where, it was nice to get out of São Paulo and hang out in a beautiful house in the middle of the forest / country side. The best way to end the weekend was hanging out there getting homemade meals, kicking it with akron family and miho hatori!, swimming, sitting in the sauna, walking in the beautiful forest, and just relaxing. soon i will post pictures and artwork, i was inspired on many levels... from the street art, the festival, the humble cutious people, the way of life, and just being a foreigner for the first time is enough perspective to inspire me for a lifetime. and being without computer, cell phone, television, internet, news is also enough to realize what we depend on everyday. anywhoo catch you soon with updates.

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