20 February 2008

art imitatting art...

i try not to play the oh look who copied this or that game... but i mean when you make it so obvious.. its sad. i understand getting inspiration and making artwork that is in the same vein, but add to it, grow it... make it into something new and give it a new breath of life. don't just lift things... and in this particular case that i'm going to show... i will lay the blame completly on the ad agency going to some studio and saying "please take mk12's adidas and their stranger than ficition, and make that my nike ad..." but you know.. either way.. it was a good chuckle. here you go folks (it's more apparent in motion) so here is some side-by-side comparasions and.. some of the stranger graphics are from a making of reel we made, so they are black and white with graphics.

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