30 November 2008

Love the Internets!

I didn't post about this because I think its horrible, and I mean horrible because if this is how you watch our title sequence for your first time -- you are being robbed (and slapping me) The quality is downright awful, and the song quality is just as bad. Either way besides the obvious, i finally checked out some of the comments and had some good chuckles.. In no particular order -- here are some nice comments and some for pure laughs.

I've tried to stay away from commenting on the overall response to the film/titles because I feel I come with too much baggage. Its hard for me to discern what should be common sense, and what is insider thoughts. Spending over 13 months with a film you have background knowledge that not everyone steps into the theater with, but to give a simple ambigious observance -- i feel the film isn't really understood. Either way -- moving along :)

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