25 November 2008


I feel i'm always in the hardest position when it comes to creating personal artwork. Anyone who knows me or reads this knows I doodle constantly but I feel sometimes I need to create more beyond that. It's tough for me because often at work -- i feel I am creating personal artwork, it is just usually in a collaboration with the others in the studio. So sometimes a full day of mk12 has my mind at ease, and I can go home and DJ or play video games or just hang out. Other days I feel like I should be make art that extends beyond the everyday... I believe i'm working towards my first real art exhibt with a dear friend and that brings me joy. I think that is one of the main things brewing in all of my doodles and in some of the spare moments spent on the computer. But also I feel that when I used to have friedpixels up and running it held part of my identity as an artist as well -- I mean if someone were to ask you who James Ramirez is and what he does -- what would you say? Oh that guy who doodles? Or oh that guy from mk12? Not sure what i'd like that answer to be, but i am happy when I have a body of work on the interwebs that at least allows me to show my voice. I think the past year has been amazing and I don't even begin to comprehend how the next year will go, but I'm going to make it include more personal artwork.

stay tuned. this is just your first tease ;) There have been others, but i'll let the puzzle pieces fall in place. Cheers, and thanks for even paying attention -- end rant.

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Vanny Vicious said...

The pixels are back!!!