20 September 2007

september goes to you...

Grandpa - i met this guy out in brasil... and his work preceded him before i met him. But let me say, if you dig cool illustrations, and beautiful imagery.. either way, here go look at his work and tell me what you think, pretty darn amazing eh?


uh oh! i must say i've made a mistake about the above illustration! It is a friend of his that he posted, due to my lack of Portuguese i failed to read that.. my apologies.. but still his work is still amazing hah! The illustation is Walter Pax, check his stuff out here.


R. Grampá said...

Hey man, this illustration is not mine. The artist called Walter Pax, and I post it because his my friend. Cheers!

R. Grampá said...

hey James!! I didn´t realize that was you here! How are you man?