27 September 2007

may this day be one to remember...

not that it is the upmost important, not because i'm president today, but because today is the day that the MK12 History of America is now on the internets.... not only is it on the internets, but you can download it.. what are you still doing here? Go tell your grandma too... she needs to know what really happened...

Thanks to our good friend micheal over at ventilate for hosting it! Also check out the other great work that is included in this update, there is lots of fantastic work up there as well in issue 19!

(edit / update)
here is some more links for those that are having trouble viewing the movie..
http://www.historyofamerica.tv/_hoaDownload.html - ventilate & mk12 download links
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32vpt_history-of-america - flash streaming
http://www.historyofamerica.tv/mk12_hoa_full.torrent - bittorrent

sorry for all the congestion, traffic has been crazy across our website and ventilate, it happens when you release a 30 minute movie on the internet as small and compressed as you can make it without compromising quality.

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Anonymous said...

Dear James,

I'm glad that nobody knows that we actually worked on HOA for over eight years. That's an awfully long time. Shhhh.