25 September 2009

A moment of inspiration from another direction.

I remember going over to my good friend carlos' house and entering the back door to his house where his room was. His walls plastered with fliers and posters wall to wall and a huge mural he had painted. A small twin bed sat in the corner amongst racks of spray paint and records. There on small makeshift dj stand were two turntables and 2 roland monitors being squeezed for every sound they could make. I remember this being my introduction to turntables, and i remember carlos letting me play around on his expensive equipment. I still recall the first time he tried to teach me how to beat juggle with two Janet Jackson albums -- since those days, i've always aspired to learn how to dj. I got my first set of pioneer CD-Js from carlos and an old pioneer mixer when i was in college, and then those slowly upgraded over time to some numark axis-9s. Then finally in 2006 I finally acquired my dream setup of 2 1200s! Being able to go tonight and see DJ Craze perform was simply amazing. It's one thing to really enjoy something for years and also practice at it -- but seeing someone perform on that level is simply inspiring and mesmerizing. What a show.

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