06 September 2009

The Beatles RockBand!

i'm so geeked about the game coming out this week! With its release comes all of the reviews images surfacing that have been held back. It fantastic to see our work in this context and on this scale of a release. Some of the shots created baffled my mind and made me scratch my head -- but in the end it all came out fantastic. Recreating some of the album covers in 3D was really fun to work on... as always good work MK! and look forward to people enjoying the game! :) Either way here is a review of the game that showcases a chunk of our work!

[Beatles Rock Band]
[Game Trailers Review]

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Andrew said...

I've only played through some of the story work, but MK12's work kick ass! Must've been pretty rad to work with such great content in a great game.