14 February 2009

Happy Valentines!

Sorry i've been vacant -- it's been quite the whirlwind at the office, so my nights have been actual productive hard nights with little to no time to doodle before i'm dead tired. But i'll try to get some doodles up that i've drawn in my sketchbook although squid boy is hard to top. But i will leave you with a nice bookmark and illustrator.

Abduzeedo is a really nice resourceful website, it's one of those that you could just metalink within the site and stay on there for hours. Definitly a fun place to go if you need somewhere to just check out interesting artists and designs. They also gave 2 of our title sequences a nod :)

Fumi Mini Nakamura
Beautiful illustrations, this was one of my favorites! I also dug this up on abduzeedo :P

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