30 December 2008

behind the pixelated curtain: Boards Mag Cover

Hello folks! I told you i would try to give a breakdown behind the creative process on the cover treatment for Boards Mag Year in Review, so here is a quick rundown.

Ben and I did an initial brainstorm and he came up with this idea of creating a lightbox effect out of text, it eventually got pushed towards a handmade feel, and then developed from there. I started in maya to get an initial base layer, because getting a nice light effect in 3d seemed like an easy route to go.

It took awhile to get the final look but, it worked as a nice foundation to build ontop of in photoshop. From there I rendered out a few passes for the type, an occlusion pass for nice shadows, and a beauty pass.

From there it just took a few late nights to throw pixels around until something started breathing life. Beyond the handmade feel to the piece, I really wanted some optical illusions to play a part of the piece as well -- I think the playfullness in pieces hanging and interacting also leaned towards the idea of being a minauture. All in all, it was a fun piece to play around in photoshop, and it really reminded me of how much cheating you can get away with in a still image that usually you don't have in an animation. Hope this was insightful and I hope you like the final piece. :)

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