27 December 2008

oh boy -- i've got a lot to learn...

it's been hard trying to recall all the photographic knowledge i've been taught over the years, but it is slowly coming back. I forget you can't really trust a the bright LCD on the back of the camera, and I should have been checking on my laptop daily to see what I was doing. I was having lots of issues with light control and different light temperatures in one space. Shooting on a stage is pretty straight forward because you find the settings you are comfortable with and then play within those ranges, but I was chaning scenery every couple of hours, and lighting was all over the place. From super bright natural light to dark rooms lit by a few random lights. Oh well, it was learning -- i tried to pick some photos that weren't super-this-is-my-family-xmas-trip-photos but 90% of them were :P cheers! enjoy!

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