04 April 2008

When the fighters all around All the lovers are on the ground Noone will save you anymore So whats happenin Whachu you rappin about Lets see boy Is it cars Is
it girls
Is it money
The world

Or is it somethin they could never believe
Or is it somethin you could never acheive
Is it beyond your means
Is it inside your dreams
Can it
Never come out
Cuz its scared to
Unprepared to
To worry about the words of the people is weird too
You dont want em to hear you
You just wish it was a door that would appear that you can go disappear through
Well im feelin your pain
I was feelin the same
But I said id never feel that again
-Lupe fiasco, The Cool, Fighters.

I was talking to van the other day and I was talking about my love of this song, and how i played it all last friday on repeat pretty much..... tonight when listening to it, i had this image pop into my head and i stopped working and drew it out, then scanned it in... it would be a lot of fun to work on... enjoy!

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