07 April 2008

History of America Q&A with Wonderland.

"Four years in the making, the film was improbably produced by a skeleton crew of one or two animators (at any given time) working nights and weekends. Still, Mk12, responsible for The Kite Runner’s slick credit sequence and the visual effects in Stranger Than Fiction (along with ads for Budweiser and videos for bands like Hot Hot Heat), managed to give the film a remarkably consistent verve and steady stream of visual jokes, like ten-gallon hats rigged with satellite dishes and astronauts bringing their zero-gravity down to the planet with them. Best is the film’s cheesy “instructional” video opener that features a history professor spouting nonsense and swilling a cold-syrup liquor."
head on over and read for reason, cause, and mischief. [read]

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