28 March 2008

from my bookmarks to yours!

in another continuation of the sharing bookmarks.. I think there is two things i'd like to share. first off is a long time favorite of mine.

His design and illustration work is ridiculously clean and beautiful. I think there is few people who can do the busy ornate design and get away with it, without feeling cliche and redundant. And as my roots go, i love character designs so... seeing of the animals he draws are just fantastic. Very much worth a long gander if you haven't visited his site before. You can track through his blog for some being the scenes process related info, and archival blog that he used to post on. word up.

Secondy - I meant to post about this a few days ago but i've just been rather scatter brained.

Hector Casanova and Harold Sipe recently produced the comic 'Screamland' - I haven't had a chance to pick up a copy but surely will. There are doing 5 issues as far as I know, and the first one is out and is gorgeous ! shaun in the studio brought his in, and i got to gander at it for awhile. His watercoloring in painter is what drove me to experiment and play with some of the brushes in there... either way. check out the myspace page for details and lots of pretty images.

thats it for now! back to work for me. cheers, have a good weekend :)
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