30 January 2008

wanting to do art... but... man..

cleaning this whole image up and then coloring sounds like such a daunting task. i guess that happens when you decide to scan in really sketchy drawings, instead of inked material -- oh well huh ? hehe.. now where is my cintiq? hmm

i lied and worked on it more... re-inked it, re-scanned it, and re-vectorized it, and then re-rasterized it, and then... started coloring again :) this time trying to rough everything in, and then start to detail slowly.. as you can see, the detail still didnt get far, but i think we are in a better position there earlier? what cha' think?

1 comment:

(Cat or Catherine or Kasia) said...

whatever you just said about everything you did to fix it....i agree! this is a great image, james! i am so glad to see you so actively still involved in your art! hope all is well :)