02 August 2007

the voice in the doodles...

I can't really define every theme, moral, or question that my artwork has touched on.. but i can't really recall the last time I really wanted to change what it was saying. I think after proudly presenting my friend my newly finished sketchbook, and him brining up how much my characters have changed since I first met him - it made me start to think about what my new characters had been trying to say.. everything from wearing skull mask, having holes in their stomachs, and pouring our black beautiful curls through their holes - they don't truly have a strong concept that i am trying to translate... either way.. more of where it is going rather then where they are at now..

i think all of my sadness / depression / despairity / hopelessness / overwhelming feelings I get about our country is only half dealing with our government and how they run things, but the other half is US... the people. I feel we are so separated from the news, and only go to the first layer to try and get the real story or overall tone and state of the nation. Either way... not that it should take us so much effort to TRY and figure out the truth, but I'm reminded every time I see a George W. Bush sticker on a car that there is still people out there who just don't know, understand, or care to seek out the truth.

I just think i might pursue this topic in the next progression of my characters.. but even if i didn't - i just wanted to be glad that all of my friends at least care enough to follow the issues going on, and know that it's important to care, and not feel helpless and overwhelmed.

late night rant. sorry. here's some cool graffiti by my house to end with.

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