07 August 2007

in spirit of doodles and more

i went and shot in this abandoned building the other day and here is a sketch i worked up from a series i'd like to do eventually when i get time... as i was walking around this feeling as if being in some horror movie where things were busting through the roof and floors overwhelmed me - or perhaps its too many video games that made me feel that way.. either way - i thought it would be fun to bring my curly sketches i've been doing to life in this space.. here is a rough sketch of integrating them into the environment - this also extends back to me wanting to work with photographs and models awhile back... which will also happen one day too :)

and the other.. is something in response to my last post about my characters. this is a crappy picture from my phone BUT none the less. i wanted to share. enjoy.

1 comment:

Vanny Vicious said...

The curly room stuff is the truth. I wanna see more of this. NOW......I mean please.