18 July 2007

the old argument of graffiti..

I remember when i first started painting graffiti, i would always get upset that people didn't consider an art form.. i think i fought and fought to prove that it was until one day.. i realized.. am I fighting a battle that is already over? I think part of me finally realized.. hey i'm still here trying to prove something that people already know.. and then.. i moved on. I just pushed my art forward and kept going. But of course there is still people, still generations, and still closed minded people who will still call it pure vandalism and not art.

"To Montgomery, the graffiti decorating the bridge and rocks is nothing like what you’d encounter in a gallery.

“It may be artistic, but it’s not art,” she said recently, peering down at the bridge from a neglected maintenance trail above Fountain Creek."

my friend recently sent me an article that ran in their local Colorado Springs paper about this big battle over graffiti. I understand there is points where the laws step in and deem it illegal and what not.. but just because it is illegal in some forms doesn't discount it as an art. I'm sure if this bridge wasn't near some sort of nature attraction these people wouldn't give two flips if it was a place where artists painted or not.. but because it's visible.. its wrong, and it isnt art. Meh.. to you people.. it doesn't seem worth my time anymore to sit there and argue with you whether what i do is art or not... i'll just keep doing what i do and move foward.. you can stay in your little box and complain to yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Right on. First of all Art can be illegal and still be art can it not? Secondly graffiti is only considered vandalism by either the uninitiated or those who seek to control the aesthetic of society from the position of power and privilege. I agree, you don’t have to justify what you do for it to have artistic merit or relevance but to try to prove this to others is most likely a fruitless endeavor.

I myself have just moved to the Kansas City area and am looking to photo-document the graf scene here. If you or anyone you know could help me with this endeavor it would be much appreciated. (Places and addresses where graf can be seen and is frequently painted would be a cool. (no I am not a cop just an artist and enthusiast) If you want to know more about me and my work check out my website at www.brentdoster.com. You can also check out my blog at http://dogmatic-suspension.blogspot.com (although I have not blogged in a long time. Any help would be great and even if not, keep paintin.

Peace be with you
Brent Doster

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Why don't you post your address so I can come and put some 'art' on your car, house, possessions?

If I catch you vandalizing my property I guarantee you'll be spending time in the hospital.

James Ramirez said...

you know that we only paint on permission walls right? By 'we' I meant my whole crew... we get permission and people come to us to paint walls, and usually when we're painting, like out in dallas... we got about 4-5 jobs just by hanging out and painting, and fellowshipping out in the ghetto where they wouldnt even deliver us a pizza because its so 'bad'. We got to chat with the neighbors, and the store owner was SO excited about us painting he bought us pizza, gave us free drinks (everyone who was outside, not just the artist) and wanted everyone to come back and paint more... maybe you should check what your talking about before you randomly throw out threats.