17 July 2007

a few things of note...

baH! i've been so busy i havent been able to get around to some solid updates... BUT... here a few things to note..

a) The new MK12 website went live... it is quite pretty. So head on over to check out a new reel, some new work, and plenty of things for your eyes to enjoy.

b)The new history of america website launched... stay tuned to it for tour dates of the film showing at festivals and sorts all around the globe. Also new products and special features coming soon! And (cough) i designed it (cough) !!

This is quite interesting, a website I am not familar with BUT! This website is dedicated to bring you a weekly top 40 website design charts... interesting in itself, even more so is that the new mk12 site is currently number 25... yummy. Head on over to design charts to check it out yourself! i'm not a liar..

This caption says a thousand words... ok not really.. it says what it says, but still.. it made me happy because I made that trailer page.. and it has 'smart' and 'design' nest to each other.. it was fun and awhile back but still.. niceeeeeee
stay in tune, i'll be back shortly...

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