22 November 2006

oh buddy...

so i havent posted in a few days...
that is most likely due to owning a Wii. I cannot contain my happiness for it. I have been inviting people over since I got it, and perfecting my tennis and bowling game. I have yet to scratch the surface on any of the other games I got, but i am more then happy with my purchase. It is indeed soooo much fun, i cant wait to get four people over with four remote controllers ( i only have two at the moment) but yes.. it is fun, fun, and fun. Nothing has been overwhelmingly disappointing. At times when playing red steel, I do get frustrated with trying to turn around quickly when 18 baddie yakuza are busting caps in your ass - but other than that.. it's solid. Can't wait to take it home for the holidays and show the family.

So apart from not posting anything creative... i just wanted to tell you.. i'm playing my Wii

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