13 November 2006

in all things of history and of america...

i love my job.
it's always a hard conversation to have when someone is complaining about work and then they are like.. 'ughh how about you? hows your work' - maybe it's refreshing to hear there is actual jobs that people like, and this world although you may have to work to live in it, might not be so bad as it all seems.

either way - recently my job gave me the task of trying to mimic some beautiful boards that were mocked up with a ink wash and splattering effect. now while this is in a 2
1/2 D form pretty simple to pull off, having to do this in a 3-D world that then is composited into a 2 1/2 D world, is another thing. after many, many, failed experiments and testing. i finally came up with something. i don't think it's as efficient as it could get... but its fun. so I thought instead of just linking links, today i'd share some top-secret images from the emkay hq. here is some images from the raw, and some with just alpha, and some random other images like making helmets blowup and some WIP slot machines..

warning: these images may cause your screen to self destruct shortly after viewing.)

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