31 October 2006

the world is flat

while looking for generic imagery of a flat world for reference, i happened to bump into Thomas L. Friedman's lecture at MIT. Now... this is about a book he wrote a little over a year ago.. and I'm just reading about it. Before I ramble... let's link to this site:

click at the top -> play now -> play it high speed... low speed. crappy, high quality whatever you feel is necessary! But indeed interesting find, amazing information, it is an hour long so.. turn off itunes for an hour and work to his voice.

To finish my ramble later, i'll start with a few sentences... The problem that we have these days, maybe its my problem, there is so much information available to us through so many formats and mediums that we often don't even touch the touch of the pile. Whether its books in a library, the hundreds of magazines produced monthly, or films that are coming out. They all inform us of history both present, past, and future. Either way... I feel at times looking around at all the books we have on our shelves at MK.. and i'm like dang. so much information! :)

either way, nice day, ramble later

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