10 October 2006

scrapbook of bytes!

as i had to reinstall OSX on my work machine and watch gbs of files transfer over, i watched my documents folder take about as long as my applications and user prefs too to copy. It then hit me that like with everything else that i pack rat away, i am also a pact rat on the computer with quicktime movies. It's like a scrapbook of animation ooh's, awe's, and wow's mixed in with video game footage, and movie trailers. I've always found myself archiving on the computer, because the web is merely a blink of time when thinking about how long a files life span may be... interesting enough... let the stacks of megabyte videos stack, and let's dig till i find that song on that reel that is stuck in my head once again because of Lupe Fiasco... and i also blame van sneed.

Work computer:

Home laptop computer:


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