21 June 2008

Cisma + Fuse = Pretty?

There is a few new spots for Fuse by various directors over at blacklisted. There is some pretty nice work and a few so-so pieces. But honestly, this cisma piece... is one of the best spots i've seen in awhile. Everything seems so regurgitated lately... I haven't had the time to stay tuned to all of the new works coming out, but when i do take the time, and see something like this... it was rather refreshing :) I am also very fond of Greogory Crewdson's photography, which I feel the spot captured some of the same reactions that you would find in crewdons work. The minimal surreal, enviornment and narrative wrapped in a beautiful, fantastical execution. whew -- hard sentence -- i'm not the best with words, but you get my point :)

[via motionographer]
[Gregory Crewdson Images]

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