04 December 2007

(insert rant)

well no artwork to show here - i've sorta been unproductive the past few days outside of work -- but apart from that, i just wanted to sorta note how rich our lives are. I find it somehow daunting to know even if we tried to read everybook available it would be impossible, or even trying to read every news article -- we produce so much writing in various forms both physical and digital that it seems you can never possibly know everything. Not that we should know everything -- but at the same time that this blows my mind, it amazes me that we can go everyday in our lives learning. Of course by choice -- you could wake up, sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing, but even if you did that and turned on the tv, you could learn about recipes, wildlife, news stories, so on and so on -- or you can get on the internet and looking up anything your mind possible yearns for. But besides all of that being so overwhelming, i think the heart of my post is -- i love the fact that my work relies on me learning. Not only in a technical sense of learning new programs or techniques, but learning how to do my job, do it efficiently, and create beautiful imagery in both ideal and extreme cases.

Count the amount of things you learn in a day, you could impress yourself. Even if its things you don't want to learn -- like how many oreo's your best friend can stuff in their mouth --
either way -- over and out. gnight,
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.- Marie Curie

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