18 May 2011

Frost experiments.

trying to learn new directions.

Frost / Geometry Mesh / Vray

the previous test uploaded but actually rendered. I kinda forgot I had an omni light linked to my animated object and so the light is wild and flickery hell.

Blobby Mess

another frost random test, didn't really hone in the settings for the animation, i was rendering still images and i was fine with the settings. in motion there are quite a few problems.

it was also a pretty high particle count so the viewport was getting a little slow on updates, so i got a little lax on refinement :P

Frost / Vray play

first movie is .bin sequence
second is pflow source

vray with basic sss2 shaders.

Frost geometry mesh

pflow source + frost with geometry meshing sourcing 3 arrows and orientation set to follow target (gizmo) also using radius from pflow. same as first video but a playblast of the viewport.

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